HometechnicalGrid Leak Bias or Contact Potential Bias.


Grid Leak Bias or Contact Potential Bias. — 2 Comments

  1. What are the effects of different value grid leak resistors? I see 5-20M as a common range. The Bogen CH-18 I have uses a 1M grid leak for a 6SF5

    • Hi, different values of grid leak resistors are not going to make much of a difference, as long as it is large enough, in the order of 5 – 20 Mohms. 1 M grid leak resistor is a very small value to be used in a grid leak biased system, but it has been used in several PA amplifiers for mic. input. The 1 M resistor will make a very low bias voltage, almost “zero” bias. But it is used as a mic input, and the microphone signals usually has a very low value, in the order of 0.001 to 0.01 volt so it should not be of any problem. If you are going to use this input for something other than a mic, I would suggest that you modify the input circuit to a ordinary biased stage with a cathode resistor.

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